The single most important safety feature of a lamp is also the most often neglected. The sole purpose of the cardboard insulator in a socket (Left, A) is to prevent the electrical current (B) from transfering to the outer shell of the socket. Neglecting this insulator results in a dramatic short-circuit which can lead to a very serious injury.
Simply put, halogen lamps are the worst designed and most dangerous lamps out there. I have nothing positive to say about halogen lamps, and I do not offer services to repair them.

In the photos shown, you can clearly see the halogens bulbs have melted aluminum heat sheilds as well as glass!

If you have halogen lights, recycle them!
Handy-man repairs: What can I say? A complete lack of understanding of electricity ended up causing a serious injury to a person who trusted a friend to wire their
lamp. A socket was simply placed loosely in the center of this lamp with no protective insulator. The lamp violently shorted out when a high-wattage light bulb was screwed in, resulting in cuts and burns to the hand. This is why there are profesionals to do these jobs!
The inside of an arm to a swing-arm floor lamp. This lamp was supposedly re-wired by an antique store. After tripping the curcuit breaker, it was discovered the shop-keeper simply ran a new wire to the bottom of the lamp, leaving the old wire still in the pipes. Apparently a proper re-wiring was just too difficult. But what the heck, sell it anyway!
This is a modern, "Made in China" chandelier that randomly "exploded" during dinner so I was told. I have no precise explantion as to what happened. Suffice it to say, the wiring was all destroyed inside the arms and column, and five of the six ceramic sockets were shattered.

You are seeing the chandelier and wiring as I discovered it upon evaluation. My guess is there was a huge electrical surge through the line, though it was reported that nothing else in the home was affected.
Wiring coming out of one of the arms.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Just check your plugs and lamp cords regularly!
BTW: if you have house pets, definitely check your power cords regularly. Every week I get lamps brought to me with chewed cords exposing the bare wire, and the clients aren't even aware of the dammage!