Every once in a while I create a lamp that for me is very hard to sell. I did finally give in and sell this lamp to a good home, but a part of me still wishes I hadn't.

I had this vintage, candlepin bowling ball hanging around the shop for years when one day I thought to myself: "That looks a lot like a planet to me." So that's what I did. So many cool details went into this lamp, particularly the orbiting rocket.

The flying saucer idea came to me when I noticed a copy of The Little Prince on a bookshelf. I liked the way the prince was standing on a tiny planet, so I thought I could incorporate that idea onto my planet.
The Saturn like finial atop the copper collander lamp shade is made from solid, spun brass and a stainless steel washer. It weighs a ton, but really topped off the light perfectly.

When the light is on, small dots of lights reflect on the walls and ceiling to complete the Planetareum theme.