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Recycling Lamps Since 1986!
Recycling Lamps Since 1986!
105 Ocean Street (Knightville), South Portland, Maine, 04106 USA
(207) 799-9159
The Studio is open Tuesday through Friday 8~4:30
The Lamp Repair Shop is a full service lamp and repair studio that has specialized in the restoration of antique and vintage lighting since 1986. Over 43,000 lamps have been repaired at The Lamp Repair Shop, all carried out in house by the same owner and founder. Since 1994, The Lamp Repair Shop has offered one-of-a-kind lamps designed and created right in The Lamp Repair Shop's studio. These lighting fixtures are created from new and up-cycled components, with lamps heavy on the steam-punk and industrial theme as well as unique lamps heavily influenced by the Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau eras. Each lamp is carefully crafted with such meticulous attention to details - some lamps taking weeks to design and build - that they will last for generations to come. A refreshing alternative to the 'throw-away' lamps offered at most lighting stores today. All contents within this webside including logos and photographs are © The Lamp Repair Shop