The USS Enterprise lamp at The Lamp Repair Shop
There are those times, when inspiration strikes after a certain object of interest is found, and a vision forms, that all other activities in the studio must come to a halt while this vision gets explored. When this happens, time has no measurable meaning. Hours - and sometimes days - can go by while the creation is brought to fruition. Artists know this penomenon well, and, if you are like me, you come out of the creative trance after having spent an incredible amount of non-billable hours building and re-building a peice that could never be sold for a price equal to the effort put in.  But it couldn't be stopped, and it's done now.
Thus, with a huge shout-out to Gene Roddenberry and the entire cast and crew of Star Trek, I present my USS Enterprise lamp. A custom made, solid brass accent lamp made from 100% salvaged components. It sits upon a swivel base that itself is made from all salvaged materials including the bottom of a WWII mortar shell. I believe I have boldly gone where no lamp-maker has gone before.
Meanwhile, in another galaxy far, far away...