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custom light house lamp made at The Lamp Repair Shop
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Custom light from The Lamp Repair Shop
Custom light from The Lamp Repair Shop
custom light from The Lamp Repair Shop
custom light from The Lamp Repair Shop
custom light from The Lamp Repair Shop
custom lighting from The Lamp Repair Shop
Polished brass and steel desk lamp with vintage opal glass globe.
Accent lamp made from all salvaged materials.
Victorian desk lamp made from various gas-era lamp parts. 90% salvaged materials.

Our studio showroom has become quite the hit with locals and travellers alike as more and more people discover the unique lighting displayed throughout. These one-of-a-kind lamps are all created right here using as much salvaged and up-cycled materials as possible, and with such meticulous attention to details as these lamps have, they are sure to last for generations. This is our aim, this is our passion, and we wouldn't want to do it any other way.
Thanks for looking. Hopefully you will be inspired to come in and take a look around.
Night-light; copper, lucite, and walnut. 100% salvage!
A lighthouse lamp made from a steam valve petcock salvaged from a sunken side-wheeler steam ship.
A fun lamp made using shoe-maker's lasts and brass pipes.
Night light made for a telegraph pole insulator; all salvaged steel.
Copper and brass adjustable piano lamp with vintage glass shade.
Brass and copper night-light for glass telegraph pole insulator.
Small bookshelf light made from salvaged parts(including glass).
Desk lamp made from an old plumber's torch.
Accent light made from old wash boards.
Steam-punk lamp, 100% salvaged materials; brass, copper, bronze, steel, and aluminum.
Brass and onyx desk lamp with etched glass.
Rustic wall sconce, 100% salvaged materials.
Steam-punk desk light with local finds.
Salvaged steel desk lamp with vintage telegraph pole insulators for shades.
Kitchen island light, copper wrapped wood with two Halophane glass shades. 100% salvaged materials.
Night light, salvaged stainless steel and glass telegraph pole insulator.
Accent lamp, driftwood and hammered steel.
Pair of desk lamps using old fan bases and salvaged shades.
One of several pendants made from old fan parts.
Small oil lamp made from a light bulb.
Desk lamp; vintage sabre saw, black walnut base, and mica shade.
Desk lamp; vintage drill, metal base, and steel pole. The drill works! (Video on Instagram.)
A simple yet meticulously made desk lamp; barn board, brass, steel, and working push-button switch.
A pair of port and starboard porch lights; solid brass and glass.
Desk lamp made with a vintage iron.
Pair of custom insulator lights made to order.
Custom insulator light with amethyst colored insulators.