Our address is 105 Ocean Street, South Portland, Maine, 04106(SEE THE MAP BELOW). The 105 Ocean Street, not 72 Ocean Street, Suite 105, which is what Google mistakenly called 105 Ocean Street! Every day we receive calls from folks going to the latter address and complaining we are not where we say we are. I assure you, we are at 105 Ocean Street. We also receive many, many calls from 105 Ocean Avenue, Portland, Maine.  As you can see, that address is in a different city all together. Alas, that is the fault of many a GPS, which make a lot of mistakes. 
Here are some easy directions:

From any direction, get onto 295 in Portland and take exit 6A. You should follow signs for Route 77, which will take you through Portland's lovely Arts District and deposit you onto the Casco Bay Bridge at the bottom of the hill. Stay in the left hand lane and take the Waterfront Market exit. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left(Waterman Drive), and then your very first right on E Street(at McDonald's). At the end of E street, you will see  parking lot on your left. That is ours. Note all the cool antiques on display out there, and feel free to use the back door. Or, swing around the rotary onto Ocean Street, and you are now in front of the store. Again, note all the cool antiques out on the side walk, and the even cooler lights in the windows.
An artistic look at our back entrance.
Our front entrance. Sadly, the tree had to go due to a major construction project.
The Lamp Repair Shop can be reached by phone at (207) 799-9159. It is often difficult to get to the phone as we help a lot of people every day,  however,  I do return ALL messages, usually soon after you call. Or, more simply, drop a quick note to: askthelamprepairshop@gmail.com
Repairing and restoring antique lamps and lighting since 1986.

A history of over 43,000 repairs under our belts!