steampunk lamp custom made at the lamp repair shop in sopo maine.
examples of the type of lights created in the studio.
Steampunk lamp, salvaged and new components.
Brass, bronze, copper, steel, and glass.
This lamp not only features the caged bulb, there is also an LED nite-lite in the glass sight valve.
glass momento light made at the lamp repair shop in sopo maine
One of many canning jar lamps made. This one features random momentos and a linen shade.
This is a very short lamp (only 9 inches tall!) designed to sit in a bookshelf. It uses a bright, LED candelabra sized bulb.
The beauty of these lamps is new objects can be added at any time.
spent shell casing light made at the lamp repair shop in sopo maine.
A custom lamp made from a spent shell casing from WWII. The shell sits on a carved, black stained hardwood base. The shell is weighted with sand, which makes it quite heavy.
The caged light features a screened LED bulb inside a ribbed, glass dome.
Brass, copper, bronze, steel, aluminum, wood, and glass.
Spotlight lamp on wooden tripod made at the lamp repair shop in sopo maine.
This one was made by special request.
A vintage carraige lantern mounted atop a heavy, antique, wooden surveyor's tripod without doing any dammage to either of the objects.
It uses an Edison based LED bulb, which allowed the client to experiment with many differet lighting options.
A couple of custom nite-lites made from salvaged and new parts featuring glass telegraph pole insulators. Each one of these lights are one-of-a-kind, just like the glass. These two examples used all solid brass components, and they each use a ¼ watt LED bulb. The one on the right is only 6½ inches tall, while the one on the left is 8½ inches tall.