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The Lamp Repair Shop
South Portland, Maine
Recycling lamps since 1986!
What to know:
Lamp repairs may be dropped off weekdays 8-12:30.
Please use the front door at 105 Ocean St., South Portland, Me.
If you are looking for more information, please email us at:
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William "Bill" Jones
William "Bill" Jones
I will miss the stories of batteaus, camp cooking, digging into "The Mountain, DDT, Jud Strunk and the band, The Loaf, The Bag, planting garlic, my being a Guinea Pig for your soups, presents from "The Candy Store"; movie reviews - particularly about Sandra Bullock; stories about Al, Mulligan, the loaded Prius, being loaded, being Up North, and most of all your take on the daily news. May your trails be flat, your currents swift, and may your tractor always start. As you once said about everyone who passed before you, now we won't have you to push around anymore, and that's a sad thing. Peace.
The Lamp Repair Shop has restored over 50,000 vintage lighting fixtures in three and a half decades, so we know a thing or two about how to fix your lamps. Rest assured the techniques we apply are time tested and designed to keep the original character of a lamp's history intact. From antique reproduction replacement parts to fully restored period parts, socket to plug your lamp will be better than new.
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What's going on? Well, changes are afoot here at The Lamp Repair Shop. After twenty-two years of operating a retail studio alongside the already established repair shop, I've decided to hand retail over to a younger generation who might have more time to run around gathering merchandise, cleaning merchandise, displaying merchandise, and selling merchandise. This is time I can no longer afford to give without sacrificing the repair business, which is obviously my thing.
So, all merchandise is being sold at 30-50% off until it is gone, and the repair shop will continue on with a much, much faster turn-around time(I've already gone from eight weeks to two weeks turn-around moving an even higher number of repairs than in previous years).
That's it. The Lamp Repair Shop is staying, the retail is going. What it boils down to now is: Do I need such a huge space?
Honeywell Mark II
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