The Lamp Repair Shop
     Begun in 1986, The Lamp Repair Shop remains to this day an old fashioned, full service, repair and restoration workshop for antique lighting. With over 41,000 lamp repairs under our belts, you can be sure we have the knowledge and patience to carry out quality repairs to your lamps.
     The Lamp Repair Shop has also become well known for our inventive, one-of-a-kind lamps created from a wide variety media. These lamps are meticulously designed and built to last generations. A far cry from the disposable lighting found in most stores today.

Salvage Maine
Salvage Maine began as an off-shoot of The Lamp Repair Shop with the mission of using as much salvage as possible to create lighting, furniture, and home decorating items. Each item made with the Salvage Maine label is at least 90% recycled, re-purposed, reclaimed, or up-cycled. Materials for these creations are found in the trash, along beaches and roadways, flea-markets, and second hand stores. Salvage Maine items are all made in a small workshop on the corner of an urban farm, using mostly vintage, non-electric tools.
Designed by Brian Allen
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