The Lamp Repair Shop, LLC
105 Ocean Street (Knightville), South Portland, Maine 04106
(207) 799-9159
Our studio is open Tuesday through Friday 9:00~5:30

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Since 1986 I have been restoring antique incandescent lighting fixtures: table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces. With 40,000 successful repairs under my belt, you can be assured I have the experience, creativity, and patience to tackle your repair.

As a one-person shop, I have the luxury of tinkering with lamp parts, salvage, glass, and other treasures when time allows. This has given me the opportunity to create hundreds, if not thousands, of one-of-a-kind lamps and art works. At any given time my studio is filled to the gunwales with unique lighting and furniture, all of it 80% or more recycled.

That said, there are a few styles of lamps I do not work on. Florescent, LED circuitry, and halogen. Florescent because antique florescent parts are rarely - if ever - available, and because conversions to modern parts is not practical. LED circuitry because that takes electronic expertise, something I have never been trained in. Halogen, because they are THE MOST DANGEROUS LAMPS EVER INVENTED! My rule of thumb is: If you do not screw the light bulb in, I cannot fix the electrical. Mechanical maybe, but not the electrical. That’s also my rule of thumb when buying a lamp, by the way.
The Lamp Repair Shop is more than just lamps. In our studio you will find a plethora of unusual antiquities, second hand merchandise, custom made artifacts, art works, and of course, my ever popular one-of-a-kind lamps. The aisles are also filled with items made from the recycled, reclaimed, upcycled, and discarded. It's all about reusing, and The Lamp Repair Shop has certainly proven to be up to the challenge.
When using new generation, energy efficient light bulbs, you should not use them in a three-way socket where the lamp is designed for low-medium-high setting, or, more importantly, a full range dimmer socket. Doing so not only compromises the light bulb, but can ruin the three-way socket as well. If you would like to use the new CFL bulbs or, even better, the new LED bulbs, we will be happy to switch out your three-way socket for a standard on/off socket.
Please be advised the traffic pattern in front of my shop has once again been changed. It is now two-way traffic with a 5-point stop sign at the rotary. In doing this, the city has removed much of the parking in front, so I direct you to my parking lot out back on E Street. Contrary to what people are being told, you can park on any of the letter streets right around the corner from me.
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In 2015 The Lamp Repair Shop completed 1,712 repairs of lamps, chandeliers, the occasional antique appliance, and custom lighting. Another shop record, my fourth year in a row! This 2015 tally brings my total number of repairs to 39,242.
On June 14th, 2016 I finished my
40,000th repair!
Imagine that. One person repairing 40,000 lamps. That's a lot of recycling!